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Perry Hall's Craft Fair Marketplace

For many years, Perry Hall High School PTSA hosted an in-person Craft Fair at the high school.

In 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, school closures, and concerns about the size of gatherings,

Perry Hall High School PTSA moved its annual Craft Fair fundraiser online. Many vendors liked this option, and so this year, despite being able to again host its in-person Craft Fair on Sunday, December 5, the PTSA partnered to offers sellers an opportunity to once again sell online throughout the holiday season.

When will the marketplace be open? will open to buyers on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 25, and stay open through New Year's Eve, December 31.

Who can sell?

If you are an artisan or crafter, you are invited to participate. As with Perry Hall High School's in-person Craft Fair, the focus of this online marketplace is on handmade items. Mass merchandised items are not permitted with one exception.

Perry Hall High School PTSA permits some service providers and dealers to sell at its annual in-person Craft Fair. This marketplace does as well. One dealer per direct-sales company such as Avon, Cookie Lee, Pampered Chef, etc. is permitted.

In addition, PHHS PTSA’s handmade rule does not apply to organizations affiliated with the high school including the four classes, the school’s honor societies, student clubs, and Booster organizations, which are invited to sell on the marketplace website.

What is the application process?

If you are an artisan or crafter, simply click on the Vendor Registration link. You will be asked to complete a brief online form. Be sure to provide a description of the types of items you will sell. Our Craft Fair Coordinators will review your application and send you an email acknowledgment letting you know if you are accepted, how to set up your marketplace store, and when and how to pay your registration fee.

Please be advised that while we welcome a variety of artisans and crafters, we will only accept one dealer per company. So, for example, if several Avon representatives apply to sell at the Craft Fair, only one will be accepted. The decision as to who is accepted will be based on who submits their registration first as determined by the registration software.

Also, please keep in mind that a vendor may be refused because of the items they plan to sell. Perry Hall Craft Fair reserves the right to refuse any vendor who plans to sell materials inappropriate for a PTSA/school-sponsored fundraiser. The determination of the appropriateness of an item is entirely up to the Craft Fair Coordinators. A vendor may be accepted, but a product may be refused at any time.

Is there a fee to sell?

All accepted vendors are required to pay a $25 registration fee for the opportunity to sell on this marketplace website, or $20 if they also are participating in Perry Hall High School PTSA's Winter Arts & Crafts Fair on December 5. Vendors will be sent an invoice and payment link via email in early November and will have until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 24, 2021, to pay it via credit or debit card. Any vendor who has not paid their registration fee by this date will have their store disabled.

In addition to the vendor registration fee, Success & Niche LLC, the operator of the marketplace, will charge a flat transaction fee of 10% on each sale. This fee will cover payment processing, advertising and other costs. Vendors are encouraged to set their prices with this fee in mind.

How are taxes and shipping handled?

All vendors set their own shipping costs. A variety of shipping options are available to vendors who may choose to offer any combination of options. Vendors may charge buyers for shipping and set their own rates. Shipping fees are collected by the marketplace at the time of product purchase and will be remitted to vendors along with all earnings at the close of the marketplace website.

As for sales tax, it is charged at the time of purchase and collected by Success & Niche LLC who as the marketplace operator is responsible for remitting sales tax to the state. The previously mentioned 10% fee paid to Success & Niche does not factor in sales tax.

What do I get as a Perry Hall Craft Fair vendor?

You get your own storefront! The email approving you as a vendor will contain a link to a store set-up wizard that will lead you through the process of creating your storefront. You will type in your store name, and enter data for every product you wish to sell, uploading pictures for each. You will be asked for contact information such as your phone number and an email address so customers can contact you. There also is a place for you to type in your policies regarding returns and exchanges, shipping options, etc.

Once your store is created, you will have access to it and a front-end dashboard that summarizes your sales. You will know when to ship, what has sold, and how much you earn on every sale.

What if I need help setting up my storefront?

While the store set up wizard is pretty user-friendly, we realize you may have some questions or need help setting up your store. Our Craft Fair Coordinators are happy to answer questions for you as you build your store. Or, if you would like to sell on our marketplace and would like someone to build your store for you, we can do that too!

Simply visit the Contact Us page and send us an email letting us know that you would like to hire someone to build your storefront. Tell us what types of items you plan to sell, approximately how many products you would like to list, and the best way to contact you. Someone will get back to you with a price and a list of items we will need you to provide and by when in order to build your store.

Will the products I enter automatically be listed in my store?

Yes. They should go live right away, however, our Craft Fair Coordinators will be notified that you have added products so that they can check their appropriateness. Products are activated immediately once you publish them, however, they can be deactivated by the Craft Fair Coordinators if there is a need.

What can the store do?

The store, despite being relatively easy to set up, is pretty robust. You can enter simple one-of-a-kind products like a bracelet, or you can provide variations on a product. For example if you are selling a candle in different colors and fragrances, these can be listed as options or attributes for the customer to choose between.

In addition, you can track your inventory so you do not out sell your supply. If you have 10 of a particular item and provide that information when you enter your product, the software will keep track of your inventory and de-list your item when you no longer have a supply, unless you choose to take backorders.

How will I know if I make a sale?

All of the information about a sale is emailed to you automatically by the website. You will know what was purchased, where to ship it, and which of your shipping options was selected.

Are there any limitations to product and shipping options?

Yes, a few. We have created several product categories for our marketplace based on the types of items sold at Perry Hall High School PTSA's craft fairs. You can choose these categories as you enter details about your products. The same is true of shipping. We have entered a few shipping options and established a few shipping zones. You get to decide which you would like to use and how much you wish to charge. We suggest offering free shipping, USPS flat rate shipping, or providing the option for local pick up to keep things simple.

USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping is an affordable option with delivery taking only a day or two in our region. In addition, the shipping supplies are free. Please visit for more information.

When do I receive payment for the items I sell?

Payment for the items you sell will be dispersed to you no later than the second week of January 2022. You will know how much you made on sales from your store’s dashboard.

What happens at the conclusion of the Craft Fair? will remain live after December 31, 2021, but the shopping cart and payment options will be disabled. A thank you message will be added to the website's homepage.

What happens if I decide to buy store set-up?

If you want to hire someone to create your store, a Craft Fair Coordinator will reach out to you to let you know what we need you to provide, and will work with you to set a deadline for you to submit these items. You will be sent a fillable form to complete with information needed for your store, and be asked to provide a description for every product you would like listed, and a photo of each. Photos can be taken using your cell phone camera. We suggest you make sure the background is white. This works best.

Is this a fundraiser?

Yes. Unlike in 2020, Perry Hall High School PTSA is not running this online marketplace fundraiser. Success & Niche LLC, a local Woman-Owned firm, staffed by former Perry Hall High School PTSA members, is working with the PTSA to provide this online marketplace. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Perry Hall High School PTSA, a recognized nonprofit organization. Funds raised by PHHS PTSA support a variety of initiatives that benefit the students and staff of Perry Hall High School. These include scholarships, student recognition activities, teacher grants, and graduation-related events. To learn more, please visit the PTSA's website at

Are there additional expectations or terms and conditions?

Yes! Our expectation is that all shoppers on our marketplace website receive outstanding customer service from our sellers. Please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy as they govern your participation if you choose to sell on this website.

I have additional questions, who can I contact?

If you have questions about the Craft Fair criteria for participation, or have difficulties setting up your store, please contact our Craft Fair Coordinators at We will do our best to respond promptly to your inquiry. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE HIGH SCHOOL.